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About evoo

Hi! My name is Marco Maccarini and I’m a chef and the owner of evoo!

I’m born in Piacenza and raised in Camogli, a small town nearby Genova, Italy, which is known for its delicious focaccia and pesto.

After completing my bachelor degree in Landscape Architecture in Genova, I decided to change direction and follow my true passion: cooking. I moved to Parma, where I started my education as a chef in the fantastic ALMA kitchen school. Right after I graduated, I moved to Copenhagen (back in 2010) where I began my career, working in fine dining restaurants such as Noma, Geist, AOC, Era Ora, to name a few.

I started evoo back in 2017, when I was running the restaurant in Huset KBH, as headchef for Kaffe Fair, a restaurant / social economy from Aalborg. In 2018 I took over the restaurant venue on the 1st floor in Huset KBH, and that’s when things started to get real for evoo!

Evoo means Extra Virgin Olive Oil and I always get inspired by this amazing delicacy, turning the food I make into something which is pure, simple, tasty and unrefined, just like extra virgin olive oil!

The menu has – since day 1 – been focused on homemade recipes made with high quality and locally sourced ingredients. Focus on sustainability and low CO2 impact ways to make food has always been a big interest of mine. Besides this, I’ve always provided good wages for evoo employees and created a nice work environment, introducing breaks, paid holiday and pension, which is unfortunately not something that is to be taken for granted in all restaurant businesses.

Kitchen Collective

Back in 2016 I met Mia Maja, the founder of Kitchen Collective, which is a really cool place where small businesses can develop and test their products, concepts and ideas. In 2020 I started to develop and optimize my own business under the roof of Kitchen Collective. This is where I really started my journey as an entrepreneur, and where I’ve been focused on my newest adventure; creating super tasty burgers and providing tailored catering possibilities.

credits @Beatrice De Franceschi

Tilda og Karl

Thanks so much for the amazing visits to the new location in Tilda og Karl!

Please remember that chef Marco has moved his activities, so now the menu will be the same as this amazing new place in Stefansgade!

We started a collaboration here in the beginning of August with Francesco, Lisa and all the amazing people behind the scenes!

So we’re sorry for the burger lovers, but there will be some more events, concerts and popups in the future, stay tuned on social media and come during opening hours in Tilda!

Amazing Mediterranean food with outstanding quality ingredients from local danish suppliers are always in our menu!


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