At evoo we offer a catering menu for companies, team building events and Christmas dinners / celebrations.

We use exclusively produce coming from local farms, butchers and our fish is sustainably caught.

In our catering we offer the freshest ingredients, prepared in Kitchen Collective and served in its charming event space in the heart of Kødbyen.

3-4 courses menus are our specialty and we focus on sustainability while providing the tastiest foods out there!

Vegan and vegetarian options are of course always available.

Book a catering for your company! Open for lunch or dinner, any time in the week or during most holidays

-Sliders and Oysters Menu-

Oysters from limfjord w/vinaigrette and chili paste (50 in total)
Burger sliders:
Truffle salsiccia with caramelized onions, king oyster mushrooms salad and parmigiano flakes
Fried portobello mushrooms, burrata, fresh tomatoes and grilled spring onions
Evoo bacon cheeseburger, pickles, red onions, pointed cabbage, carrots, mayo and BBQ sauce
BBQ Brisket, pickles and coleslaw
Fries seasoned with fresh herbs & chicken nuggets on the side
Coated dark chocolate mousse with 70% mayan red chocolate, marzarin base and raspberry coulis
3 glasses of wine pr person
DKK 500 x person
Incl. service and excl. room rent

or something smaller:

-Take Away Catering Menu-

Fried portobello mushroom, BBQ sauce and cheddar
Burrata, tomato, balsamico vinegar and basil
Truffle salsiccia and homemade coleslaw
Salame felino slices
2x selected Arla Unika cheeses
Toasted almonds
175dkk per person

Ask us our vast wine selection which ranges from copenhagen’s finest suppliers, as well as a wide selection of beers in can and on draft.

If you’d like to change anything of the above, you can order a menu that is fully tailored to your needs. Marco is very helpful and will do everything to make your night special!

Contact us to hear more , or by following the links below for more information!