Homemade, Organic Burgers. Local Ingredients.

Homemade Burgers:

The patty comes from a local butcher, that is focusing on grass fed, local, organic kettle. We buy whole chunks of meat, that are ground fresh every day, to ensure maximum taste, texture and appearance.

BBQ Brisket

is our specialty, which is smoked on a Big Green Egg Kamado Grill and steamed low and slow until the collagen transforms into gelatine, giving the meat its popular juiciness and soft texture. Just amazing!

Truffle Pork Salsiccia

made with 70% pork neck meat, and 30% pork fat. Delicious! Seasoned just with salt, pepper, a bit of white wine and truffle paste to give the classic sausage aroma.

The buns are homemade brioche burger buns, that are baked fresh daily with the best ingredients: honey, local flour, eggs and butter.

Inside the burger we add homemade mayo, made with whole eggs to reduce waste, organic rapeseed oil and classic mayo ingredients such as a bit of mustard, pinch of salt, sugar and vinegar.

The tomatoes and salad are kept for the summer months, where we can get decent locally grown, while in the fall/winter we use primarily coleslaw, made with the best seasonal carrots and pointed cabbage.

Pickles are also homemade, following a traditional pickle juice recipe.

Fries are some of the best out there, organic and with the incredible add ons such as cheddar cheese, brisket bites and crispy bacon slices.

Chocolate mousse is made following a fine dining recipe, with premium Xoco Gourmet chocolate, and it has a super soft and airy texture, topped with burned white chocolate and seasonal jam.

Simple menu, great taste, big flavor.

You can also find us in Kødbyen to order take away!

Evoo Bacon Cheeseburger


Fried Mushroom Sandwich


BBQ Brisket Sandwich


Chicken Nuggets and Fries


Gamma Freak Wave


Homemade Dips


Dark chocolate mousse


Organic Sodas