Evoo x Bagel Belly (Sunday, February 5th 2023)

80,00 kr. incl. moms/VAT

Evoo x Bagel Belly amazing Bagels!!! Choose from the menu below, and read more in the description!

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evoo x bagel belly coming at you with the bagel sandwiches of your dreams!!!

Save the date and pre-order your bagels!

This time you’ll have the option to choose your filling AND the kind of bagels

Here you are:


  • Everything
  • Sesame
  • Plain


  • Bacon, eggs and cheese
  • House smoked mushrooms, egg and cheese (V)
  • House smoked salmon schmear
  • artichokes/cashews spread, fried lentils, fried capers and dill (VG)

We look forward to see you in Kitchen Collective


Everything, Sesame, Plain


Bacon, eggs and cheese, House smoked salmon schmear w/cream cheese, chives and lettuce, Fried lentils with cashews spread, capers and dill (VG), House smoked mushrooms, egg and cheese (V)


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